The Vision

God's Tsunami describes a vision about how world-wide revival connects with the land and people of Israel. The foundation of this vision is both historical and biblical and it integrates truth about the strategic value of today's marketplace with Israel and teaching about the kingdom of God. God's Tsunami is a life-message of its author and was first published as a book in 2003 more than one year before the great Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. The terrible Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011 emphasized the urgency of this prophetic and timely message.

The God's Tsunami vision is designed to provide a framework for understanding the power and direction of God's purposes today.

Peter Tsukahira, Co-Founder of Kehilat HaCarmel, an Israeli Messianic congregation, and Director of the Or HaCarmel Ministry Center has lived in Israel for more than 25 years. He is a graduate of CFNI (Texas) and Tufts University (Massachusetts) and holds a Master of Divinity degree. In 2000, he established the Mount Carmel School of Ministry, which has been instrumental in building strong bridges of relationship between Israel and the nations. Peter’s international teaching ministry and his books have impacted many around the world with an understanding of God’s heart and purposes for Israel: God’s Tsunami: Understanding Israel and End-time Prophecy (, My Father’s Business: Guidelines for Ministry in the Marketplace and Culture of the Kingdom (