Conference Footage

Footage from various conferences

God's Tsunami, Australia 2012

Israel & the Nations conferences in Perth, Adelaide & Sydney, August 2012. With David & Karen Davis, Peter Tsukahira


God's Tsunami, Malaysia 2012

SOM conferences in Penang, Kuala Lumpur & Kuching East Malaysia, 2012, with Peter Tsukahira. Discipling a nation


God's Tsunami in Indonesia

Peter Tsukahira traveled to Indonesia where he preached about the Tsunami of God's purposes that is sweeping across Asia.


Restoring the altar of the Lord

Peter Tsukahira teaching at the Restoring the Altar of the Lord Conference, Singapore in October 2011


Finland Summary

Brief taster of Peter Tsukahira's recent trip to Finland


Singapore Go4th Conference

Footage from the Go4th National Missions Conference, Singapore


Yoido Full Gospel Church In Korea

Yoido Full Gospel Church is the world's largest congregation with close to 800,000 members. This short message is from an evening prayer meeting in the main sanctuary.


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